How to find new apps ?

Let’s be honest finding new apps on iTunes or the AppStore just really doesn’t work. Either the interface is too clunky, it’s too slow, or well it just doesn’t work. Finding new apps, especially ones that are new or not highly popular is next to impossible. It’s just the way the AppStore listings work, Apple’s take on it is to make it easy for people to find popular apps, but less known one will more or less suffer as they won’t be discovered. This is both bad for app developers as well as consumers.

Enter LinguaSearch, ( by AppLingua ( have come up with a rather novel App Search engine. Which is tailored to working in 14 locations, including Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian languages.

How the App Search Engine Works

There are 4 easy steps to searching for your app.

1) Select Platform

Here you have the choice of iPhone Apps, iPad Apps or Mac Apps.

2) Select Category

Here you select the categories, which are app developers specify when they are submitting their app. Currently you can only select one at at time, we’d love to see multiple check boxes, i.e. Games & Entertainment for instance.

3) Select Language

If you want to specify a particular language for your search, you can try it via this selection.

4) And hit Search

And you will be returned a list based on the decreasing app rating. We’d love to see more search options (perhaps in an advanced version, like age of app, number of installs, recently updated, etc.

Find new apps

We read a nice statistic recently about the number of apps an average user will install.

“As 25 billion apps have been downloaded into them then about 75 apps were downloaded for each unit sold.”
Horace Dediu

So maybe will help you get that little bit closer to your 75th app installed !


Edit : we did come across a great post that we had to share, about how Apple could improve the App Store experience.

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