Mountain Lion launch date, July 2012

Last month we weren’t too sure as to when you will be able to download Mountain Lion. After looking at the stats for Lion last year, we saw that the release date was mentioned on the scheduled quarterly earnings call last year. This year their earnings call is on Tuesday July 24th 2012. This is when Apple will reveal their April, May & June earnings. Last year on the call, on July 19th 2012, Apple announced that Lion would be released the following day. And using this logic it means that on Wednesday July 25th you’ll be able to download Apple’s latest operating system, Mountain Lion.

Other interesting info today is via the guardian post on the fact that the original iPad won’t be able to take iOS6. So people who’ve bought their iPads 2 years ago will now have a slowly unsupported device.

Thanks to Ciarán Norris for the link !

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