New Podcast App for iOS

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In the past few weeks Apple have launched their new Podcast App. If you’ve ever used  their old one, which was part of the Music App, you’ll know how distinctly insufficient it was. Getting podcasts to download automatically was only possible if you sync’d via iTunes, otherwise you had to do everyone individually. Now Apple have moved it out of the Music app, slapped a new UI on it, and added a few essential features. With the new app you can easily browse for new content by category, subscribe to podcasts so new editions are downloaded and much more. The If you are into podcasts as much as we are then this is something you should really look into.

On the home screen you can rearrange your podcasts into a preferred order by long pressing on the individual podcast icons. Sadly there isn’t a folder option for those of you who like things super neat.

The app still has the feature to slow down or speed up play back, but they’ve added a feature to skip ahead 30 seconds, and changed the go back to 10 seconds, which was previously 30 seconds. With these skip and speed options you can easily go back if you’ve missed something or you can skip through some boring parts of a podcast (i.e. ads).

Download the app for free

The new Podcast app is available on iTunes to download for free.

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