6 Apps to learn German Grammar

Here is a list of apps that one of our friends is currently testing. He wants to learn German, and with special focus on German grammar. This list might help you in your studies of the German language. Learning a new language is tough, you have vocabulary, conversational skills, listening skills and grammar and you somehow have to piece it all together. These can be all dry subjects, but by using these apps  in your free moments will help to reinforce your understanding of at least grammar. Repetition is your friend here to learning new words and grammar. Whether you are studying for an exam (written, or spoken) or you are planning a trip to Germany (or Austria or Switzerland) then these apps will help train your brain.

In researching training apps, we did find a lot of low quality apps, either they didn’t have a lot of words in the system, or they simply didn’t function as a good app should  work. Our list includes both free and paid apps, and appear in no particular order. All I can say is that these 6 are at least worth trying, and if you are stuck for cash, the 3 free ones are certainly worth checking.

  1. German Quiz: Articles & Adjectives Free
  2. German Noun Gender Quiz Free *TOP TIP*
  3. Learn German Vocabulary Free
  4. Verben – German Verb Trainer $2.99
  5. DE Prepositions $1.99
  6. Masters German Level 3 $4.99

Thanks Mel for sharing this list ! 

3 Replies to “6 Apps to learn German Grammar”

  1. Hello guys, i was having the same problem as you, when trying to find an app that will enable me to learn good German. My first problem were the German Nouns Der Die Das, i really struggled at the language course to learn them.

    So that’s why i decided to make an App for that.

    Learn German Nouns Der Die Das will enable you to learn and memorize the gender of more than 1.000 German nouns. This collection contains the most commonly used German nouns and with the help of it, you will master Der Die Das in no time, i can guarantee you that!

    Other than just being a teaching and learning app, i wanted to make it fun. That’s why i included a experience system in it. For each noun you get right, you gain experience.

    Learn German Nouns Der Die Das is the simplest way to learn german words by playing and having fun.

    With 3 different game types and with more than 1000 words, this app will be your new best German friend.

    Learn German Nouns contains 3 game modes:

    Time Trial
    Word Rush

    iTunes Link:

    Give it a try and contact me at perjan@duuro.com.
    Thanks for trying it and i hope it really helps you.

  2. Hi, I am looking for an App that can sort the der, die and das nouns. So that I can learn them in groups. For e.g. All der nouns together then I can learn all the die nouns etc. etc.

    Does anyone know of an app that has that function?

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