Beckham gets an iPodTouch

David Beckham must be the happiest boy on the England squad seeing as he has just been presented with a new golden apple product. The English team members pitched in to buy him a special present for achieving his 100th cap for his country. David Beckham who is just 32, has already played in his 100th game for England last week against France. Although the game was a friendly, he still came away with a prize in Paris. These pieces of machinery can go for over $20,000. And here is the fine piece of gold

dave beckum gets a gold ipod

it’s good to see that they splashed out and got him the 32GB version, and for custom engraving 😉 We have seen gold shuffles before, but this is the first time we have seen an golden iPhone.

Edit: maybe this is an iPod Touch (Thanks JC)

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  1. Interesting in that Apple does not make a 32 Gig iPhone. They make a 32 Gig iPod Touch perhaps that is what this is.

  2. You can tell it’s an iPod touch because there is no camera hole, which would be there if it was an iPhone.

  3. you can also tell it’s an ipod touch because…it says “iPod” on the back, lest mine eyes decieve me.

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