iPod Touch Comparison

The iPod Touch was released into the wild last month. It contains many of the features that the iPhone has, except well it’s not a phone.

all about the ipod touch

iPhone / iPod Touch Comparison

Here is a great comparison chart from our buddies at iphonetower.com

iPhone and iPod Touch Comparison Chart

Features iPod Touch iPhone
Price $299 (8GB)
$399 (16GB)
$399 (8GB)
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wireless No Yes
Edge Wireless No Yes
Safari Web Browsing Yes Yes
Native eMail Application No Yes
Google Maps No Yes
Integrated Speaker No Yes
Integrated Microphone No Yes
Digital Camera No Yes
Contact Manager Yes Yes
Calendar (Add Events) No Yes
YouTube Yes Yes
iTunes Wi-Fi Store Yes Yes*
Cover Flow Navigation Yes Yes
Notes Applet No Yes
Multi-Touch Display Yes Yes
Weather Applet No Yes
Stock Applet No Yes
Photos Yes Yes
Depth 8mm 11.3mm
Screen Size 3.5″ 3.5″
Screen Resolution 480×320 480×320
Battery Life (Audio) 22 Hours** 24 Hours**
Battery Life (Video) 5 Hours** 5 Hours**
Dimensions: (Corrected) 4.3″x2.4″x.31″ 4.5″x2.4″x.46″
Weight: 4.2 ounces 4.8 ounces
Memory Capacity 8GB or 16GB 8GB
Video Out Yes 1 YES 2

* Firmware update coming later this month
** Up to (battery life rating)

1Video out on the iPod Touch is acheived using an optional dock connector supporting either composite video or component video for use with HDTV Televisions.

2Updated : Thanks Clayton !

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  1. iPhone DOES have video out, as of a firmware date released several days before this entry.

    You may want to note that 🙂

  2. okay, I will have to check this out. Christmas seems that little too long to wait for this I think 🙁
    Good post (came here via StumbleUpon)

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