Leopard Review

Many people in the blogging world think that Apple will be releasing OSX’s latest version , code name Leopard, later this month. Estimates vary between 22nd of October to the 27th of October. We think it will be on the 25th if October. So do check back here around then for some more news about the latest operating system from Apple.

OS X Leopard Release

The release date was already delayed due to Steve Jobs focusing on pushing out the iPhone earlier this year. But this time there shouldn’t be any reason for a further delay.

Leopard Screenshot

Leopard Features

Here are some of the features mentioned by Apple [source], although posted on the Apple website, they are said by Apple to be subject to change.

  1. Time Machine, an automated backup utility . It allows the user to restore files (music/text/etc) that have been deleted or replaced by another version of a file. This is one of the most interesting features we are looking forward to.
  2. Front Row and Photo Booth are currently only available with the purchase of a new Mac, but will be included with Leopard. Front Row has been reworked to closely resemble the interface used by the Apple TV, and Photo Booth includes video recording with real-time filters.
  3. Spaces, an implementation of “virtual desktops” (individually called “spaces”), allows multiple desktops per user, with certain A
    applications and windows in each desktop. Users can organize certain Spaces for certain applications (e.g., one for work-related tasks and one for entertainment) and switch between them. Exposé will work inside Spaces, allowing the user to see at a glance all desktops on one screen.
  4. Spotlight incorporates additional search capabilities such as Boolean operators, as well as the ability to search other computers (with permissions).
  5. Redesigned Finder with features similar to those seen in iTunes 7, including Cover Flow and a Source list-like sidebar.
  6. New Desktop, comprised of a redesigned 3-D dock with a new grouping feature called Stacks.

More features can be seen on their homepage.

Leopard First Review

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