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Cleaning Fans on your MacBook


Last week we updated the RAM in our computer to make a MacBook faster. While we had the back cover off, we decided to clean out it’s fans. After about 1.5 years of continuous use there was a little bit of dust in the fan, and inside the inclosure. This can be removed easily with a vacuum cleaner, just make sure you don’t put it right on the components.

Clean the MacBook Fan

Our big tip here is to use the vacuum cleaner on the fan, if you put the hose over the intake part it will cause the fan blades to rotate in their normal direction and won’t damage the fan. Also use a dry cloth to remove any fine dust particles from the cover or other parts of the computer.

Dust gathers in fans

The problem with dust is that will accumulate over time, and once it starts gathering it will accelerate and after a few years it will look like this. You may even have hairs, and dirt stuck to the dust. This picture was taken after 5 years of use of a laptop. Here the fan’s output of hot air was completely blocked by the dust !

Dangers with dusty fans

Dust, as it collects will reduce the efficiency of your fan, and may even cause it to stop working completely. When it’s stopped your computer is at risk of overheating and damaging important components. Your CPU, Graphics card & motherboard have a specific range of temperatures that they can safely operate. Once the overheat the systems temperature monitors will tell the system to shut itself down to avoid further damage. If think you computer is over heating you can check the temperatures via special programs or dashboard gadgets like iStat Pro, pictured above.


Speeding up a slow MacBook Pro


It’s natural that a computer over time will start to slow down. If you think of it you now have a whole host of new programs on it, your hard-disk is fuller and perhaps you’ve changed a few system settings. There are a few ways that you can insure that your Mac is running as fast as it should be.

Making your Mac run faster

You can try the following ideas here

  • Free up some space on your Hard drive by either deleting programs or files you no longer need for or backing up files to an external hard disk or cloud space
  • Add some RAM

We went for the latter choice here, and we updated our RAM. We first tested our system to see how much RAM it had and how much it can hold, we used a tool from Crucial
Here’s a picture of the RAM in the back of our MacBook Pro. We followed the instructions in the video below and it was all done in less than five minutes.

We bought our RAM on Amazon.

Video on how to replace RAM


The Folding Tripod from Photojojo

This seems pretty nifty tripod that will work (with a small attachment) with your iPhone or DSLR. It’s small and  compact and would be just as portable as a phone. 


Sweet Mac Setup

Sweet Mac Setup

Here is a great mac setup from cmpngyu on Flickr. We love the way the light hits off the glass table and bounces and the way it hits the off Mac Book Pro. The shadows and reflection really make this photo great.


A nice Mac setup

A nice Mac setup

We particularly like this setup from
  • 27′ iMac (Late 2009)
  • 13′ Alu MacBook (Late 2008)
  • iPad 64GB WiFi (Apr 2010)
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB (Jun 2009)
  • 3 iPod Shuffles (2006 2007 2009)
  • Alu Mac Remote (Late 2009)
  • BT Alu Keyboard (Late 2009)
  • BT Might Mouse (Late 2009)
  • Universal iPod dock
  • iPad Dock
  • WD 1TB My Book (firewire)