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Apple Releases Mavericks Mail Update to Address Gmail Compatibility Issues

We are happy that this issue is finally fixed on Mavericks, so that Gmail can work seamlessly. A few of our readers were waiting for the fix to upgrade, so now you know !


iWork 13 missing features to return

In rewriting these applications, some features from iWork ’09 were not available for the initial release. We plan to reintroduce some of these features in the next few releases and will continue to add brand new features on an ongoing basis.

Apple Support


This is a welcome piece of news, that apple will reintroduce some of the missing features to iWork 13. There was a bit of an out cry that iWork ’09 wasn’t as good as iWork ’13, but all should be fixed soon.


Mountain Lion launch date, July 2012

Last month we weren’t too sure as to when you will be able to download Mountain Lion. After looking at the stats for Lion last year, we saw that the release date was mentioned on the scheduled quarterly earnings call last year. This year their earnings call is on Tuesday July 24th 2012. This is when Apple will reveal their April, May & June earnings. Last year on the call, on July 19th 2012, Apple announced that Lion would be released the following day. And using this logic it means that on Wednesday July 25th you’ll be able to download Apple’s latest operating system, Mountain Lion.

Other interesting info today is via the guardian post on the fact that the original iPad won’t be able to take iOS6. So people who’ve bought their iPads 2 years ago will now have a slowly unsupported device.

Thanks to Ciarán Norris for the link !


Mountain Lion Release Date

Mountain Lion, the next OSX iteration after Lion will be released in July 2012, it has been announced at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference).
The operating system will be available on the Mac App Store for $19.99 to upgrade. This is a drop from $29.99 for the previous update. And users who didn’t get the last upgrade Lion, and are still on Snow Leopard will be able to upgrade.

More information about the features and upgrading can be seen :
And for more information about the release see : the LA Times Business article.

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iMessage for your Mac


Good news for those of you who also have an iPhone, now you will be able to use Messages, an app for your Mac to send iMessages. It’s still in beta, but we really think that this could be a great way to save on those SMS costs. It brings the integration between your phone (hopefully an iPhone) your iPad and your computer that little bit closer.

  • Send unlimited iMessages to any Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • Start an iMessage conversation on your Mac and continue it on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • Send photos, videos, attachments, contacts, locations, and more.
  • Launch a FaceTime video call and bring the conversation face-to-face.
  • Messages supports iMessage, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, and Jabber accounts.

So now you will be able to continue your iMessasges on your Mac, and reply to people that little bit easier. These changes come with the announcement of Apple’s beta for Mountain Lion, the new Mac OS, that should be released some time in the summer. It plans to bring more iOS like functions to your desktop / laptop. John Gruber has some thoughts on Mountain Lion and the Gatekeeper over at Daringfireball.


New Mac Ads, Anti Vista

Here is something we came across on (hi cormac). We are not sure if these ads were really on a web page or not, but the concept is just great. :D


Leopard Release Date

Mac OSX 10.5 launches Friday, October 26th at 6.00pm, and may we just say THANK GOD ! The release will boost sales of apples products over the up coming Christmas season. The features and updates are absolutely amazing. And we think it is a worthy adversary for that piece of junk from Microsoft called Vista.

Leopard Screenshot

Minimum specs: Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor with 512MB of physical RAM. $129 for a single-user copy or $199 for a 5-user, single-residence family pack. Upgrade price? You’re kidding, right… this is Apple. In our pre review about leopard we list some of the main new features. This release comes right in time for Christmas and will certainly encourage us to upgrade our Mac Book.


Leopard Review

Many people in the blogging world think that Apple will be releasing OSX’s latest version , code name Leopard, later this month. Estimates vary between 22nd of October to the 27th of October. We think it will be on the 25th if October. So do check back here around then for some more news about the latest operating system from Apple.

OS X Leopard Release

The release date was already delayed due to Steve Jobs focusing on pushing out the iPhone earlier this year. But this time there shouldn’t be any reason for a further delay.

Leopard Screenshot

Leopard Features

Here are some of the features mentioned by Apple [source], although posted on the Apple website, they are said by Apple to be subject to change.

  1. Time Machine, an automated backup utility . It allows the user to restore files (music/text/etc) that have been deleted or replaced by another version of a file. This is one of the most interesting features we are looking forward to.
  2. Front Row and Photo Booth are currently only available with the purchase of a new Mac, but will be included with Leopard. Front Row has been reworked to closely resemble the interface used by the Apple TV, and Photo Booth includes video recording with real-time filters.
  3. Spaces, an implementation of “virtual desktops” (individually called “spaces”), allows multiple desktops per user, with certain A
    applications and windows in each desktop. Users can organize certain Spaces for certain applications (e.g., one for work-related tasks and one for entertainment) and switch between them. Exposé will work inside Spaces, allowing the user to see at a glance all desktops on one screen.
  4. Spotlight incorporates additional search capabilities such as Boolean operators, as well as the ability to search other computers (with permissions).
  5. Redesigned Finder with features similar to those seen in iTunes 7, including Cover Flow and a Source list-like sidebar.
  6. New Desktop, comprised of a redesigned 3-D dock with a new grouping feature called Stacks.

More features can be seen on their homepage.

Leopard First Review