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How to tell if your Mac is 32- or 64-bit ?

Here is a hand lookup table to help you figure out if your Apple Mac is either 32-bit or 64-bit. As a general rule the new computers and processors are 64-bit (even the new iPhone 5s is), so if you have a newer CPU that the list below you can assume it’s 64-bit.

32- or 64-bit ?

  • Click on the top left hand corner of your Mac on the apple symbol ()
  • Select “About this Mac”
  • Find out what processor you have (see image)




Intel Core Solo 32 bit
Intel Core Duo 32 bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 64 bit
Intel Quad-Core Xeon 64 bit
Dual-Core Intel Xeon 64 bit
Quad-Core Intel Xeon 64 bit
Core i3 64 bit
Core i5 64 bit
Core i7 64 bit

As a general rule software designed for 32-bit won’t run on 64-bit machines, and vice-versa. Generally software manufactures offer their software complied for both versions.


Mountain Lion Release Date

Mountain Lion, the next OSX iteration after Lion will be released in July 2012, it has been announced at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference).
The operating system will be available on the Mac App Store for $19.99 to upgrade. This is a drop from $29.99 for the previous update. And users who didn’t get the last upgrade Lion, and are still on Snow Leopard will be able to upgrade.

More information about the features and upgrading can be seen :
And for more information about the release see : the LA Times Business article.

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How to find new apps ?

Let’s be honest finding new apps on iTunes or the AppStore just really doesn’t work. Either the interface is too clunky, it’s too slow, or well it just doesn’t work. Finding new apps, especially ones that are new or not highly popular is next to impossible. It’s just the way the AppStore listings work, Apple’s take on it is to make it easy for people to find popular apps, but less known one will more or less suffer as they won’t be discovered. This is both bad for app developers as well as consumers.

Enter LinguaSearch, ( by AppLingua ( have come up with a rather novel App Search engine. Which is tailored to working in 14 locations, including Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian languages.



Best apps for programming on mac

Here are some recommendations of IDEs, Integrated Development Environments, that run well on Macs. These appear in no particular order :

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Creative Commons License photo credit: daveynin

If you’re doing web development and want to use a local server, check out MAMP. This will allow you to run and test your programs on a local server, so no need to have server space setup.



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