Cool Mac Wallpapers

If you have suddenly become unhappy with your desktop wallpaper, why not try something more creative. Make your own ! Have a look at how these people, in effect, made their desktop transparent, so that you can see the items behind the screen. Doing something like this will really add a sense of depth to your computer. wallpaper mac

In the first one you can see the charger and the chairs behind the screen.  And see how the cables match up ! It’s absolutely amazing !

ipod background

Here is a 2nd Generation iPod, and the background screen has been changed (we will bring you details on how to do this in another post).  The background screen of the iPod looks like it’s not really there because it matches up with the pieces of paper on the left and right hand side of it.

more of these can be seen here, sadly they are not all Macs, so you have been warned !

Around the Mac Web on Monday

Here are some links for this Monday, some things worth reading from around the web :

  • Tips on how to fix your iPod with a piece of paper from the New York Times. People are coming up with new ways to fix iPods and other apple products
  • You can visit the food network on your iPhone , from FileUnderAwesome. I wonder how many other cool sites are iPhone-Friendly.
  • Ryan Block from Engadge fame added a 64Gb SSD (solid state hard disk) to his Mac Book. Ryan includes lots of pictures of the whole process. This baby would probably be the quietest Mac yet.
  • lists off his top 100 Mac Apps. Time to check these out and see which ones I am missing.
  • The extensive list of Leopard OS new features can be found on

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